Greenland, between the Myth and the Reality

In research and treatment. 2012.

The melting Arctic ice cap may be bad news for polar bears, but it is prompting a frantic scramble for territory and resources. What's at stake? A quarter of the world's untapped fossil fuels (including 375 billion barrels of oil) is thought to lie under the Arctic, and will become more accessible as the ice continues to melt.

Industry experts now talk of a "black gold rush" as companies such as BP Amoco, Statoil of Norway, and the Russian giant Gasprom all race to tap already discovered reservoirs in the region.

The film will also examine the impacts of global warming on the Inupiaq and Eskimo communities in Alaska and in Greenland whose lifestyles and cultures are still deeply rooted in subsistence economies such as hunting, fishing and whaling.

Greenland, between the Myth and the Reality
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